Comtech Aviation Services

Our Company

COMTECH is recognised in the field of aircraft interior design, engineering, certification, part production and integration services. We configure new aircraft or reconfigure existing aircraft interiors with current or next generation products and systems across the transport category, VIP and general aviation industries. Our engineers, technicians and certification specialists have a wide-ranging knowledge base with proven experience that enables us to support any interior program, large or small. Together with our worldwide strategic partners COMTECH offers full flexibility and high value at the right cost.

Your Success Is Our Success

COMTECH takes the time to understand your business. Our dedicated team prides ourselves on providing innovative concepts and designs to deliver the most effective solutions to achieve your goals, maximize your opportunity and minimize risk. We will ensure the success of any project. We value the trust placed in us, through all phases of any project - analysis, definition, development, integration, implementation, validation, certification and maintenance - providing full, dedicated service, customer support and program management through the life cycle of the product. You can rely on us to effectively manage your program. We are committed to looking after your best interests while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Having accomplished over 350 projects since the existence of the company, ranging from major STC reconfigurations to Minor Modifications, our experience ensures your project will be accomplished on time and on budget.

We provide support worldwide from several locations including on site support in Spain, Australia, USA, Malaysia and South America.

The Beginnings

COMTECH was first established in 2002 in Plano Texas, USA and since moved to the current address in Hurst, Texas. In 2008 a merger established facilities in Sydney, Australia. In 2010 a working relationship in Singapore. In 2013, EASA Part 21J Design Organisation approval was awarded. In 2014, the EASA Part 21G Production Organisation was achieved. In 2017 a working relationship in the USA for FAA ODA services was developed as COMTECH continues to grow and establish a presence around the globe.

Our Experience

COMTECH’s executive & engineering teams sport decades of experience in the aviation industry. All of the executives have held senior positions in major manufacturing companies or airlines. We employ a direct staff of engineers and multi-disciplined certification specialists (CVEs, DERs and DARs). In addition we maintain an active network of professional contract engineers and suppliers that have long standing relationships with COMTECH. We capitalise on the unique strengths and skill sets of a direct and distributed workforce to form the COMTECH global network of elite engineers and suppliers, each distinguished in their specialized field. Our engineering and integration teams communicate common objectives and provide the vision and leadership to promote collaboration to deliver excellence. We have complementary skills, are committed to a common purpose, have interdependent performance goals, share work ethics and hold ourselves mutually accountable. Choosing COMTECH, you benefit from our excellent customer service, increased productivity and efficiency, shorter cycle times and lower costs whilst ideas, solutions and designs are created around the clock around the world.

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